Product Love: Benetint

I have always felt that I look my best after a long workout at the gym. Which I know sounds strange since I don't have a stitch of makeup on (yikes!) and am drenched in sweat but despite the lack of makeup and abundance of sweat I love the rosy glow my cheeks have. The natural flush on my cheeks makes me feel like I'm effortlessly glowing from the inside out (even though it took me 30 minutes of treadmill time to achieve it). Wanting to keep that glow all day got me on a one woman search for blush that would last for hours on end and look natural too.

This search led me from trusted friends that always look flawless to cosmetic counters and everywhere in between until I found my answer: Benefit's Benetint cheek stain. I love this product!

Every now and then a girl gets lucky and finds her forever product and for me, Benetint is the one. Most women have at least one forever product whether it's her signature scent or the mascara that makes her lashes look like they go on for miles. While those women who have their trusty go to products don't often share their secrets, I am more than willing to share mine because every girl deserves to look stunning.

To get the full review of Benefits Benetint Cheek Stain check out the product reviews section for more details or get it now at!

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