Tweezing Tips
  • Tweezing is easiest when your pores are open, so try tweezing after taking a hot shower for less painful tweezing. If there is no time for a shower, hold a warm wash cloth across your brows for a minute to open the pores.

  • Use a white eyeliner pencil to outline the shape you want to make before you begin tweezing. Covering the hairs that you want to remove with the white pencil will help you achieve your desired shape without over-plucking.
  • Try plucking both brows at once to keep them looking symmetrical. Pluck a few hairs from one brow and move to the other plucking in the same place.

  • Always pluck in the direction of the hair growth to avoid breakage. It is much more difficult to grasp the shorter hair once it breaks.

  • We recommend using a slanted tweezer like Tweezerman's Slant Tweezer.

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