Custom Lipstick Tricks

Lighten up your shade:

Want to take that dark shade of lipstick you use for winter into spring and summer? Lighten it up with some concealer. Dab a bit of your favorite dark shade of lipstick in your palm and a bit of concealer and mix and repeat until you've reached your desired shade. Then take a lip brush and apply.


Blend your own shade:

Got a bunch of sample tubes of lipstick that you never really liked lying around? Try blending two of them together to create your own custom lip shade. Those sample tubes that were once thought of as useless just may create the shade of lipstick you've been hunting for.

Tasty Lip Stain:

Try brightening up pale lips without having to apply lipstick with a homemade lip stain. All you need is a box of cherry Jell-O and a Q-tip. Moisten the Q-tip and dip it in the Jell-O powder and swipe it across your lips for a rosy (and tasty) lip stain.

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