Hair and Heat

Heat Protection:

Heat can be very damaging to hair. If you can, skip a day or two of using the blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron every now and then. It will give your hair a break and help protect it from damage. When you do use heat in order to style your hair, try using low settings and a heat protector. We recommend using S-Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray Heat Defender, which will protect your hair from heat styling and daily UV rays. S-Factor also contains vitamins A and E, so it nourishes hair while protecting it.

Quick Dry:

Cut down on your drying time. The less time you spend blow drying your hair the less of a chance you'll have damaged hair. Use a towel before you begin to blow dry, which will soak up excess water and save your time and hair.

Heatless Style:

An easy way to style your hair without a blow dryer a few times a week is to create heatless waves. Take a shower at night and part your damp hair as you normally would. Create two French braids on either side of your part and sleep in your braids. In the morning take out your braids, and run your fingers through your hair to fluff. Finish with your favorite styling product and you'll have sleek waves for the rest of the day.


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