Home Remedies For Your Nails

Strengthen Nails

Fast Growing Nails

Make Polish Last Longer

Homemade Cuticle Cream

Nail Stain Remover

Dirty Nail Clean Up


Strengthen Your Nails Naturally

Try this tip to strengthen dry, brittle, peeling nails.

If you're prone to dry, brittle, peeling nails try this trick to strengthen your nails.

Soak your nails in a bowl of warm milk for 5 minutes. After soaking, pat dry and apply a coat of nail strengthener. OPI Nail Strengthener is a great brand that will get the job done.



Speed Up Your Nail Growth

Get fast growing nails naturally.

If you desire longer nails but tend to have a slow growth, try adding Omega-3 fish oil supplements to your diet. This supplement will help speed up your nail growth and can be found in most grocery and drug stores.



Lengthen The Life Of Your Polish

Follow this tip to make your nail polish last longer.

If you find yourself reapplying your nail color more often than enjoying it head to your kitchen for this polish extending tip.

Before you paint your nails, apply a coat of vinegar and let dry. The vinegar will allow the polish to better adhere to your nails resulting in longer-lasting color.



Homemade Natural Cuticle Cream

Soften your cuticles at home with your very own cuticle cream.

It's easy to soften your dry cuticles at home with some all-natural, homemade cuticle cream.

Mix a few drops of neem oil (the scent is very strong) with a small amount of shea butter and massage it into your cuticles for your own vitamin-rich moisturizing treatment. You can find both at your local health food store and online.



Remove Nail Stains Naturally

Remove stains from your nails naturally with items in your kitchen.

Unsightly stains on your nails? You can find a natural stain remover right in your kitchen!

Just moisten a sponge with some white wine vinegar and wipe across your nails to leave your nails shiny and stain-free.



Natural Nail Cleaner

Rid your nails of tough built up dirt after a day of hard work by following this natural home remedy.

If you have been hard at work gardening or doing heavy cleaning, you might think you need to reach for some heavy duty hand cleaner. But an all-natural alternative is right in your kitchen!

Place some thick lemon slices into a bowl and fill with warm water. Soaking your hands in this lemon bath will not only feel and smell good but will get the dirt off your skin. While your hands are soaking, press your nails into the lemon slices to loosen the dirt out from under them.



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