Lipstick and Skin Tone

How to Pick the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right shade of lipstick can be a tough decision. One of the most important considerations when picking out a new tube of lipstick is your skin tone. For example, you have light skin choosing a color with brown undertones will look unnatural. For dark skin tones, choosing a shade that has a pale frost to it will look unnatural and ashy on dark skin.

Follow these helpful hints when picking out lipstick:

Fair Skin Tones: Soft shades of pink, peach or beige.

Medium Skin Tones: Soft to medium shades of pink, mocha, peach or apricot.

Olive Skin Tones: Strong shades of red, berry, apricot and mahogany.

Dark Skin Tones: Deep shades of red, berry, hot pink and golden brown.


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