Foundation For Your Skin Tone

iStock_000009206681XSmallMatching your foundation to your skin tone can be challenging, but the right one creates the perfect base for your look. The correct shade gives you an natural glow, but choosing the wrong color can make you look unnatural. The goal is to have others notice the beauty of your skin - not the look of your makeup. Follow these tips to find a foundation to match your skin tone:

Start by purchasing a foundation at a makeup counter where you can try different shades; testing out colors will help you find your true match. Sample colors on clean skin. If you are already wearing a foundation you will not be able to match your natural tone.

Select three foundations that are within your skin tone. To do a color test, apply all three in a vertical stripe from your jaw line down to your neck. The color that best blends into your neck will be your true match. Most women have facial discoloration or redness but very rarely on their necks, so choosing a foundation that matches your neck will result in a natural hue.

Before making your final choice, have a look at the foundation on your skin in natural light. If the color looks as complementary outside as it does inside then you'll know you have your true match.

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