Self Tan Tips

The sun-kissed look leaves our skin looking healthy and glowing, but worshiping the sun can have negative effects as you age. To achieve a healthy glow without the sun follow these self-tanning tips:

Exfoliate first

Exfoliating is a good way to prepare your skin for self tanning because having smooth skin will give you a streak free glow. The key is to use a body exfoliater that doesn't dry your skin out too much; otherwise portions of your skin could absorb the self tanner unevenly looking darker in some spots while lighter in others. To this end, avoid exfoliaters that contain sea salt.

Start small.

It's easy to go overboard when want a golden tan but starting small and working your way up to a darker shade (especially if you are a self tanning novice) is best. This will keep you from having the tell tale signs of a self-tanner - like dark spots and an orange glow. We like starting out our summer with Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer because they have both a body and face line - leaving no spot uncovered!

Aerosol for experts

After setting a base with a tinted moisturizer, like Jergens Natural Glow, you may want to get more depth to your color. The best way to achieve that is with an aerosol spray. When applying an aerosol spray it's best to start at your feet and move upwards. Hold the can six inches from your body and move your hand in a circular motion while spraying. This will help you to avoid zoning in on one area and to achieve an even tone of color.

Make it last

To keep up the color, lightly dust on a bronzing powder like Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder on your temples and shoulders (if you are wearing a sleeveless outfit).

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